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Buona Notte

On 19 July 2016, Buonanotte signed for Universidad Católica.[15] There, he won the 2016 Apertura, scoring 8 goals in 13 matches. Also winning the 2016 Clausura, and most recently 2018-2019 Chilean Primera Division.[16][17]

Buona Notte

Buonanotte was selected by Sergio Batista to be one of the 18 players to represent Argentina in the 2008 Olympics. He only played in the third group-stage game against Serbia, scoring from a long-range free-kick. He won the gold medal with his national team at that tournament.

In December 2009, Buonanotte survived a fatal car crash as the sole survivor after he lost control of his car on an Argentine freeway. He was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries while three friends who were travelling with him in the car died at the scene of the crash. The footballer was driving his father's Peugeot 307 back from a night out when he veered off the 65th highway and collided with a tree. The accident occurred about 15 km outside Clementina, Santa Fe. Another car carrying more friends of Buonanotte also arrived on the scene of the accident afterwards eager to find out what had happened. The footballer is said to have been conscious when he was pulled from the wreckage but had sustained serious injuries.

Eduardo Allegrini, director of the hospital, where Buonanotte was taken after the crash, said "(Buonanotte) has fractured his right humerus, right clavicle and has bruised his right lung". Allegrini clarified that the River player's condition was stable but he remained in intensive care under observation. Guillermo Fernández, a firefighter who helped pull Buonanotte from the crash site said: "Diego told us he lost control of the car".[19][20]

The first way of saying goodnight in Italian that all learners will encounter sooner or later is buona notte (also written as the single word buonanotte). This useful expression can be used in both formal and colloquial situations, though if you use it with your children or partner, it is customary to follow up with a term of endearment such as amore (love) or tesoro (treasure).

ISS042E292030 (02/26/2015) --- Towards the end of her workday on Feb. 26, 2015, ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti tweeted this Earth Observation image and wished her Tweeter followers "Good Night from #space, Buona notte dallo spazio".

I recently heard that saying "Buona notte" when you're leaving people you don't know really well (such as when you leave a bar) would be a little embarrassing (too intimate) and that I should use "Buona serata" instead. Can anyone please confirm this?

Frank Buonanotte is an extremely accomplished business leader, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, speaker, advisor, and business coach with deep experience in developing corporate culture, scaling rapid growth, M&A transactions, building sales teams, customer service best practices, real estate acquisitions and development, and complex negotiations. He has been Founder, Chairman, and/or CEO at several highly successful companies within the commercial real estate, retail, and franchise industries and has won the Entrepreneurial Success Award from the Small Business Administration, the Georgia Business Ethics Award from Georgia State University and the American Society of Financial Advisors, and he was twice selected by Ernst & Young as a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year. Additionally, he has served on eleven different Boards of Directors across various sectors. 041b061a72


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