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Sleep As Android V3 [Beta] [Unlocked] Add-On APK

20150410 -New alarm list shorting based on days -Redesign of alarm, stats, graphs, noises, add-ons: using cards -Rework of vibration settings (vibrations can be turned off by default for all new alarms) -Integrate your smart device: 3rd party smartwatch/wearable integration API (see the doc) -Fix for hiding of the sleep tracking FAB with few alarms -Option to make alarms not terminate sleep tracking -Automatic merge of pause (awake) intervals with short gaps (max 12 minutes) -More awake detection heuristics -Fix for awake note on pausing dialog -Fix for making smartwatch vibration enabled by default -Higher sick tag occurrence not considered as -1 -Rating screen shows the hypnogram rather than actigraph if there are at least 3 cycles -Pausing dialog indicates whether it was initiated by the awake detection feature -Pee-light in Philips Hue integration is now optional -Pie chart showing percentage of sleep/awake in your life time -Fix for seeking to end in noise playback -Layout and image quality improvements in Add-on screen -Direct add nap option in menu drawer -Showing sunrise / sunset in sleep graphs -Button to enable WiFi on rating screen -Smart watch: fix for alarm notification still visible after dismiss -Android Wear: confirmation animations, showing/hiding of resume action -Pebble: various fixes in Pebble app (please update to Pebble app version 2.1), support for Pebble Time and color screen, fix for Pebble not receiving messages after too many actions -Backup alarm settings made more understandable -Screen on tracking can now be only enabled under sleep tracking>dimming>Clock with screen -Droid avatar in alarm list may be turned off in settings>misc -Lollipop styling for the droid widget -Fix for rare first run crash on pre-ICS devices -In-call alarm even less intrusive -Fix for sleep tracking widget preview icon -Fix for occasional crash when deleting portions of the sleep graph -Removed delete confirmation for sleeps as there is already undo implementation -Support for new lullabies in the lullaby add-on (Chor, Girl singing, Spaceship, Pink noise) -New texts for Russian, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Chinese and Czech (many thanks)

Sleep as Android v3 [Beta] [Unlocked] Add-On APK


20110929 -Sleep tracking warns about possibly interfering applications such as various task killers which may kill sleep tracking. -Fix in content provider which now provides also timezone information to add-ons. -Fix in export in case there is a comma in comments. -Fixed rare crashing bug on application startup, if noise records folder got corrupted.


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