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[S1E1] Winter

Nick Bailey extols the virtues of evergreen planting, which come into its own at this time of year; and Kate Bradbury shows us how we can look after the wildlife in our garden over the winter months. We catch up with the three sisters from Dorset we met last year, who share the joyful highs and occasional lows of their gardening year; we head to Somerset to see how a garden designer achieves not one but two glorious peaks in her own garden; and we get tips on growing perfect peonies from a passionate plantswoman in the Welsh borders.

[S1E1] Winter

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The variations in colour and texture of evergreen shrubs provide structure and interest to your garden, even in the dead of winter. They are also labour-saving, being easy to care for. A useful rule-of-thumb for beginner gardeners is to plant 60-80% of evergreens.

Hardwood cuttings provide an easy and reliable method of propagating a range of deciduous climbers, trees and shrubs, and as bonus, they are taken from mid-autumn until late winter when more time is usually available to the gardener. Some evergreen plants, hollies for example, can also be taken at the same time of year as other hardwood cuttings.

Hardwood cutting are taken in the dormant season (mid-autumn until late winter) after leaf fall, avoiding periods of severe frost. The ideal time is just after leaf fall or just before bud-burst in spring. Although this type of cutting may be slow to develop roots and shoots, it is usually successful. The cuttings can generally be forgotten about until the following year, as the cut surface undergoes a period of callusing over the winter from which roots will develop in the spring. 041b061a72


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