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Aio Radio Station Player

This demo is set to automatic width which means its not in its optimal width. I suggest using 720px as width for deploying the player. Player is responsive so it will fit any size you set. More examples bellow.

Aio Radio Station Player

Thank you for purchasing AIO - Radio Station Player script. This is my most complete and extensive script ever created. I have taken all complaints, requests and questions into consideration when writing it. I eliminated as much bugs and issues as I could and made a perfect script for all radio station owners.

This is not my first player. If you purchased one of previous players you are probably wondering why the heck another one... Let me explain. I have received a lot of reports about issues and problems with various platforms and stream configurations. While this would normally mean that I have to repair my script in this case that would be impossible. Most of the problems were happening due to basic principle of code I used. The way I designed the code to work it simply could not work with so many different configurations. So after a while I decided to stop repairing broken script and make a new one which will fix all that and more. The new player is actually re-coded from ground up.

I can ensure you, you will not find the same code in new player. I did copy few general functions from previous player of course, but the stylesheet, api, PHP and every thing else is written from scratch. It took about a month to fully code and test it (and more than year of bugs and issue reports to release over 32 updates).

After purchasing the script on Codecanyon you will be able to download zip file with player files. This player is a standalone script meaning it can work without any other framework or CMS. The zip file includes all you need to make the player work. Player comes with pre-defined folders and few general options. But it does not include any channels or artist images. You will have to set that up by your self.

Download and extract the zip file from codecanyon to any folder on your web server (E.g.: /player/). When you are done, you will have to set permissions for few folders so the player has the permission to access, edit and delete files. The reason for permissions requirements is that this player does not use database but pure PHP files.

Now the script is ready for use! To access player control panel simply navigate your browser window to -folder/panel/ (Replace "" with your domain name and path to the player). When you first time access the panel, enter following details into form:

Once you sign into panel, my advise is to change the username and password for the control panel immediately. You can do that by accessing tab Settings. Note that your password will not be saved in plain text but it will be hashed with SHA512 encryption which means it will become unrecoverable! In this control panel you can set up your player, change all the settings, and more!

Creating channels has never been easier. With AIO - Radio Station Player you can configure unlimited number of channels easily. Okay enough talk. Once in control panel navigate to tab Channels and click Add Channel. Control Panel already has self-explanation(s) in place so it should be easy to fill in information. Please make sure that you do not leave out any fields because if you do, player may not work properly. Once you are done, click Save button. If every thing is OK you will be redirected to channel(s) list page. The new channel may not appear immediately that is because of PHP's internal file cache. If you click F5 or refresh few times the new channel should appear. Now that's it. If you click Home tab you should be able to listen to the station with your preferences.

Most shared web hosting providers block required ports which player has to connect to. The ports are used by the streaming servers not the player it self. For example Shoutcast uses port 8000 by default on which listeners can listen to music. Player uses the same ports to get radio information which means if they are blocked information is not displayed and the error is logged to a file.

The PHP errors (script issues) will be logged into file called php.log. Problems with API(s) will be logged into file called player.api.log. These errors are usually reason why the radio information is not displayed.

Issues like Invalid Configuration you can fix your self. But if you see an issue like Connection to X server failed you will have to check if your provider is blocking script's connection to the streaming server. The player includes a tool to do that. In the Control Panel navigate to tab Tools and on top click Start Test. The script will attempt to connect to 3 different API's and if the connection is successful you will see message success!. If the connection fails, you will have to contact your web hosting provider to open the specified ports or check connectivity between their servers and your streaming servers (Icecast/Shoutcast and others). You can also enable Debug mode under settings and the debugging tool on Tools page will show very detailed information about the connectivity problem you are facing, see example bellow.

Shared web hosting companies and even private hosting companies have certain firewall setups which very often disturb connectivity between player and the services. This is not done intentionally. Firewall can ensure certain level of security against hackers so providers are obligated to use them. But yes, this issue is very common problem amongst my clients. If you encounter issues like no artist / title displayed, artist image showing loading for very very long time or player not loading at all this is probably the problem.

This question has been asked and answered hundreds of times. But I will answer it again so those who did not find the answer can find it here. Its simple, most other scripts are based on client side which means they're using your computer to get the same information so the ports on your computer also must be opened. In most cases computer doesn't block ports for such purposes. My player however works differently. To ensure best possible performance / information accuracy the same task is done on the server. The server does all instead of your computer and if server doesn't have access to the stream, it fails and can't show the information. So that is the reason why your web hosting must have access to the specific host/port in order to show live track information (artist / title).

AIO Radio Station Player comes with very extensive control panel which allows you to change all the options easily, but is it required? NO! It is not! If you are sure that you can manage the player on your own, you can simply delete folder panel and be done with it for good! I do not offer support as in instructions how to configure the player without the control panel, since that is why I wrote it, but you will still receive player support. But note that without panel you do lose some features like Updates and Embeded generator.

In Control Panel under Tools tab you have an option to manage artist images. This option will make management extremely easy. In previous player's there was an option to add custom images as well, but it required knowledge of Regex that replaces artist names. With the new system this is uneccessary. You can simply enter normal artist name into input field, select a image and Upload it. The image will be automatically re-sized to 280x280px (default image size) and it will also be compressed to optimal quality.

This player has an option to enable or disable multi-language support. It also allows you to set a custom language. Both options can be found in the control panel. Under the Language(s) tab you can add/edit or delete different languages which are named by the ISO 639-1 naming standard. This standard was used due to browser language preference. If you enable option Multi-language support the player will check if it has the same language that browser uses. If it does it will display player language based on browser preference otherwise it will use default language set in the options menu.

The update system requires Codecanyon purchase code to work. The update check function is simple and it uses JSONP (Javascript call) to check for newer versions. Once the new script version is available you will see an option to initiate update process. The process downloads an update zip file and extracts it into the player folder. In this process PHP CURL and PHP ZipArchive extensions are required. The update is always written the way it will not replace any user defined configs. But in any way its very much recommended to create script backup before initiating update process.

There are various options for the stats. But I will only cover two in this section. The first option called Stats refresh speed is very essential option for people who would like to speed up player's information. By reducing timer the information will be more "live" so refreshe more often. But higher the refresh rate the more requests per second player will make. This can lead into account termination if you use shared web hosting provider or the provider limits requests per second. I actually recommend higher refresh time for shared hosts because with a lot of listeners this can quickly lead into problems. The stats are always cached for minimum 6 seconds. That means that if you have 1000 listeners only one of them will do the long request getting stats & artist image from LastFM. Other 999 will receive cached response.

The second option is Artist/Title Regex. This option is for developers and people who really know POSIX Regex well. Anyway so what does this do... The regex is used to match currently playing artist and title from radio information. Most of the tracks use format Name of artist - Name of Track so the regex matches the first part Name of Artist as artist variable and Name of Track as title variable. If you require some special configuration that should match the artist/title differently, you can change it here. But I can not offer support for this option. I added it for really advanced users only.


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